Online Events

Below are the various online events we host through the months. Currently, we have the “Twitter Chat”, more online events will be updated.

Twitter Chats

As part of our mission to influence the narrative of African Philanthropy, our monthly Twitter chats are a platform to showcase development actors on the continent and better understand the African philanthropy sector, so we are able to consciously create efficient knowledge systems to drive it. 

These discussions aim to provide an understanding of the successes, challenges, and nuances in Africa’s development sector

January Twitter Chat

At the first Twitter Chat for the year, Eme Iniekung, Program Coordinator for Philanthropy Circuit @CircuitEditor, and Chidi Koldsweat Founder of Donor for Africa Foundation @DonorsforAfrica discussed Reimagining Fundraising and Capacity-building for African Nonprofits, on Thursday, January 28, 2021, by 2 pm (4 pm EAT). 

The discussion provided a platform for understanding the challenges and nuances in Africa’s development sector, particularly as it relates to fundraising and capacity building.

February Twitter Chat

The February conversation on Twitter between Eme Iniekung, Program Coordinator – Philanthropy Circuit @CircuitEditor, and Victor Odhiambo, Executive Director – Garden of Hope Foundation @GardenofHopeFdn was themed ‘Driving Community Impact: Insights on Sustainability ‘and held on Thursday, February 25, 2021, by 2 pm WAT (4 pm EAT). 

Insights were shared on the place of mentorship, building entrepreneurial and leadership skills for sustainable community impact, and the importance of an enabling environment by the government for civil society.

March Twitter Chat
Philanthropy Circuit - Twitter Chat - March 2021 - Growing the Practice of Philanthropy in Zimbabwe

In the March edition of the monthly Twitter Chat between Eme Iniekung, Program Coordinator – Philanthropy Circuit @CircuitEditor, and Eddah Jowah, Coordinator of the Centre for Philanthropy at SIVIO Institute @sivioinstitute discuss Growing the Practice of Philanthropy in Zimbabwe, on Thursday, March 25, 2021, by 2 pm WAT (4 pm EAT).


Women's Leadership in African Philanthropy

The Women’s Leadership in African Philanthropy Panel Discussion hosted by Philanthropy Circuit explored important dimensions of women’s leadership; as changemakers within organizations, and as integral instruments of resource mobilization in African philanthropy.

The panel moderated by Katja Schiller Nwator, Founder of Philanthropy Circuit had in discussion Liz Ngonzi, Founder & CEO of The International Social Impact Institute and Mosun Layode, Executive Director of African Philanthropy Forum.

Catch the discussion on our YouTube channel.