Three Philanthropy Membership Organisations You Need To Know

Philanthropy in Africa is perceived and practiced in many different ways, which is why it is necessary to have membership organisations that help to share learnings, best practices, and provide platforms to connect with like-minded peers. Below are three organisations that have influenced and shaped new thinking around African giving and philanthropy through their engaging programmes, published reports and analyses on giving, and regional convenings.

African Philanthropy Network

The African Philanthropy Network is based in South Africa and was established in 2009 to provide a voice and platform to promote Africa’s philanthropy agenda. The Network currently has approximately 36 members from about 13 countries across the continent. Focused on facilitating experience sharing and learning among established and emerging African philanthropic institutions, its activities have mainly centered around peer learning workshops and convenings of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) to help guide and encourage strategic giving. In August 2017, the Network announced the recruitment of a new Executive Director, Stigmata Tenga, who is tasked with raising the profile of the organisation and expanding its reach and impact across the continent. For more information please visit:

East Africa Association of Grantmakers

The East Africa Association of Grantmakers is based in Kenya and was established in 2003.  With offices in Nairobi, Kenya, the Association’s membership comprises of local and international grantmaking organizations working in the East African region. Since its inception, the membership has grown from a group of nine to a group of thirty-five foundations and trusts committed to using their resources for sustainable social good.  The Association provides capacity building for its members on various topics including, board development, strategy, fundraising, grantmaking, and financial management. As a convener and  thought leader, the Association also provides platforms to promote local philanthropy through conference activities, workshops, and publications. The Association is currently led by its Chief Executive Officer, Evans Okinyi.

African Philanthropy Forum

The African Philanthropy Forum is based in Nigeria and was established in 2014. The Forum is dedicated to building a community of strategic givers who are passionate about sustainable development on the continent. It is closely associated with the Global Philanthropy Forum, which is a global network of philanthropists and social investors dedicated to international causes. In addition to its regional meetings, research and publications about African philanthropy, the Forum also provides matchmaking services to connect like-minded philanthropists and implementing organisations. In 2016, the Forum published its first Toolkit for African Philanthropists. The African Philanthropy Forum is led by its Executive Director, Mosun Layode. For more information please visit:

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