Six Must-Listen African Development Podcasts to Add to Your Playlist

Social change organizations in Africa continue to devise means to empower third sector actors through constant innovation in communication approaches. One way this is being done is through the production of podcasts exploring issues around and beyond the philanthropic space. 

These podcasts empower listeners and followers with information, data  and  insights into layers of social issues.

In this list, we spotlight six podcasts owned and run by foundations and nonprofit  organizations in Africa. 

Conversations With

Conversations With is a podcast series from the Africa Grantmakers’ Affinity Group – AGAG. The podcast explores the people and practices shaping the impact of private philanthropy to benefit communities across Africa.

Africa Grantmakers’ Affinity Group (AGAG) convenes funders, curates information, and connects people to build an informed network of grantmakers engaged in robust, effective, and responsive philanthropy to benefit African communities. Join Conversations With stream.

The Sheroes of Beijing Stories

This Podcast Series by UN Women Nigeria and Women in Successful Careers (WISCAR) is powered by the EU/UN. The podcast spotlights initiatives championed by women. 

WISCAR (Women In Successful Careers) is a non-profit organization focused on empowering and developing professional women to contribute to development and growth in Nigeria and indeed Africa. The organization has earned a reputation for building a formidable network of focused women who will facilitate a new chapter of experience in the workplace and in organizations. Listen to the Sheroes podcast here.

Go Far, Go Together 

This podcast by Mastercard Foundation provides listeners with the perspectives of people advancing global development theory and practice. These include authors, business leaders, development professionals, entrepreneurs, students, staff and partners of the Foundation, all of whom are active in education, financial inclusion, and youth livelihoods. The primary focus is Africa, but it explores best practices—and smart responses—to development challenges, wherever they may be found.

The Mastercard Foundation seeks a world where everyone has the opportunity to learn and prosper. The Foundation’s work is guided by its mission to advance learning and promote financial inclusion for people living in poverty. One of the largest foundations in the world, it works almost exclusively in Africa. Tune in to Go Far, Go Together here.


This is a weekly podcast that explores various issues around Africa philanthropy with keen interest on community development. Comm-UNITY is produced weekly by CivSource Africa in Uganda with the intent to highlight and celebrate African generosity and philanthropy.

CivSource-Africa is an independent non-profit advisory organization that seeks to refine the practice and footprint of philanthropy in Africa, for authentic civic engagement. It seeks to foster an environment that nurtures mutually beneficial relationships and stewardship of entrusted resources. The organization provides thought leadership on strategic financing models for effective philanthropy and civic engagement. Listen in and celebrate Africa’s Comm-UNITY here.

TEF Audio Stories

The Tony Elumelu Foundation – TEF Audio Stories on entrepreneurship in Africa draws inspiration from successful African entrepreneurs with much emphasis placed on their journey, failures, challenges and adaptability.

The Tony Elumelu Foundation is the leading champion of entrepreneurship in Africa. Its objective is to empower women and men across the continent, catalysing economic growth, driving poverty eradication and ensuring job creation. It believes the private sector’s role is critical for Africa’s development and that the private sector must create both social and economic wealth. Hop on their podcast here.

The Brenthurst Foundation Podcast

This podcast by the Brenthurst Foundation talks through the development challenges facing Africa and some of the solutions on offer for economic growth and prosperity. Guests on the series range from policy-makers, political actors, academics and industry experts.

The Brenthurst Foundation was established by the Oppenheimer family to build on the work of the Brenthurst Initiative of 2003. This was a programme that instigated debate around policy strategies in South Africa to accelerate economic expansion. Today the debate continues across the continent, driven by the sharing of ideas, data, and experiences. Listen in here.

It’s exciting to see the means of connection & community building in African Philanthropy growing. Especially as more organizations leverage the power of digital communications. Of course,  if your African nonprofit/foundation has a podcast, be kind to share it with us via Twitter or email. We’ll include it in an updated list.

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