META Launches Nonprofit Training Programs for Anglophone West Africa

The official launch of the Meta Nonprofit Training Program took place in Lagos, Nigeria on Tuesday, 14 June 2022, with key development stakeholders in attendance. The launch relayed  Meta Africa’s plans to strengthen social impact in West Africa by

  • Strengthening nonprofit operational capacity in Anglophone West Africa for 1,500 non-profit personnel by supporting digital, and technical capacity-building with a chance for funding
  • The launch of a six-month accelerator program for 50 NGOs
  • Collaborative engagements with strategic key stakeholders in the civil society sector

(Cross-section of attendees)

The Meta training programs for nonprofits and social enterprises in Nigeria and across Anglophone West Africa are committed to delivering programming that will help them increase digital savviness. The goal is to work very closely with the social impact and nonprofit sector across Africa to help them learn to scale the impact of their work via the use of Meta’s platforms.

Meta offers a new training programme delivered by the Nigeria Network of NGOs, helping nonprofit organizations to build capacity on how best to maximize their reach and engagement using Meta. On a monthly basis and throughout 2022, virtual training will be delivered to nonprofits across the country by Meta certified trainers on different topics such as Facebook 101, online safety, community management, and content strategy. Access the Meta Nonprofit Training Program.

Meta’s offerings in partnership with Donors For Africa would scale the Donors for Africa initiative, formerly called the Social Innovation School, presented as Ge’Da – an African Social Innovators Bootcamp.

Are you a nonprofit in anglophone West Africa looking to scale? Would you benefit from leveraging access to digital solutions & platforms, organisational strengthening, and resource mobilisation skills? Apply to the Ge’Da program, the deadline for submissions – is 14 July 2022.

By: Eme Iniekung, Program Coordinator, Philanthropy Circuit

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