Five Resource Hubs for the African CSO

Thousands of nonprofit and civil society groups are registered in Africa each year, with missions to fight varying injustices and work towards the sustainable development goals. Likewise, thousands end due to lack and non-sustainable operating models.  Promoting access to knowledge builds capacity and aids sustainable growth for any organization – nonprofits inclusive.

This access levels the field for nonprofits on the African continent and increases impact at local, national, and regional levels. Also bettering the chances of realizing the SDGs in Africa in the long run.  

Here’s a curated list of tools and online resources that will be sure to benefit nonprofit managers across the continent.

African Philanthropy Forum

Navigating African philanthropy and management might seem daunting, but it is absolutely made easier with African Philanthropy Forum’s Toolkit for African Philanthropists. The Toolkit aims to build the capacity of African philanthropists. As the continental arm of the Global Philanthropy Forum, APF continues to provide resources on practices for philanthropists, nonprofits, and civil society actors on the continent. Read the toolkit here.


As we navigate our fast-paced world, NPTech4Good makes technology, digital marketing and fundraising practices easier for nonprofits to understand. Nonprofits are able to choose how best to tackle productivity and collaborative measures, get access and take advantage of tech solutions. As a starter check on this list here.




WACSI is a civil society knowledge-sharing hub and a credible centre of learning with continental and international recognition.  Their range of insights, guides and handbooks on civil society practice can be freely accessed here.


Widely known for their curated grants & opportunities lists, FundsforNGOs also supports nonprofits with templates, samples, and posts targeted at boosting nonprofit management operations. The site offers a premium plan, but the free/basic plan boasts impactful resources. Check their free resources here.


For years, Candid has been a leading provider of nonprofit resources. With a combined space for grants, fundraising, events, and news, the website provides free and paid  (membership-based) access to learnings. Access resources here.

See something missing? Let us know. Email to share your insights and resources.

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