A Kenyan Foundation Advancing Social Justice Philanthropy in East Africa

The Akiba Uhaki Foundation (AUF) is a grant-making organization based in Nairobi, Kenya focused on the protection of human rights and the advancement of social justice in East Africa. Established in 2006, the AUF provides grants to support Human Rights and Social Justice (HRSJ) organizations as they work to address issues of access, equity, and human rights in the region.

The Foundation has awarded over 35 financial grants to HRSJ organizations across the five member-states of the East African community: Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda. As a foundation committed to social justice philanthropy, the AUF has supported organizations that address the root causes of inequality and fight for the protection of human rights, in order to improve the lives of disadvantaged people. AUF also supports grantee organizations in strengthening their technical and delivery capacity in the sector.

Even after more than decade, the AUF continues to play an important role in promoting human rights education and effecting social change in East Africa. In 2014, during the political violence in Burundi, the Foundation supported the Association of Children Management on Human Rights with a grant to establish a communication system that will inform Burundians and the international community on the pressing issues affecting children of violence. The purpose of the grant was to defend the rights of children by reporting cases of human rights and child violations taking place in Burundi at the time.

The Foundation is also helping to develop a new pipeline of change agents through the Human Rights and Social Justice (HRSJ) Fellowship Program. Implemented by the University of Bagamoyo in Tanzania, the Fellowship aims to build a strong network of community leaders who have exceptional knowledge and skill in human rights protection and social justice. Through the East Africa Human Rights Programme Fellowship, the AUF sponsors participants to an annual two-week training session providing a unique opportunity for human rights workers, activists and educators to deepen their understanding of human rights.

The Akiba Uhaki Foundation creates a platform that integrates civil society organizations in the East African community, gives a voice to the people, and supports programmes that promote equality and justice. Through partnerships with leading organizations such as the African Grantmakers Network, the East African Association of Grantmakers, and Ford Foundation, the Foundation is working tirelessly to improve the lives of marginalized people and communities in East Africa.

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