5 Fundraising Strategies African Nonprofits Should Adopt in 2021

As the world‘s systems change, nonprofits must adopt new ways of operating, communicating, and fundraising. Chidi Koldsweat, Founder of  Donors For Africa Foundation, in this feature for Philanthropy Circuit, recognized the key challenges donors might face in Africa and shares five fundraising insights African non-profit leaders can implement as the year progresses.

1.     Explore more revenue streams

Have a strategy session with your team to develop alternative funding sources. In developing fundraising strategies, rethink and rework your budget, find ways and areas that you have not considered funding before — e.g., local programs, service fees, etc. Be creative! Not just for fundraising, but maintaining sustainable revenue streams to help support your operations.

2.     Review your strategic plan

Do you have a strategic plan? Is your strategic plan still relevant? Your goals and priorities may likely change as the months progress, so any strategic planning process you undertook before this time may no longer be appropriate. Take time and review your goals and the projects needed to meet those goals and make any adjustments.

3.     Use new tools

There is an abundance of available tools that are free or at a very low cost that can help you manage your organization — document sharing tools, collaboration tools, project management tools, training, marketing, fundraising. Take advantage of these innovations to enhance your organizational management. A digitally optimized organization can easily access new funding as well as generate its own.

4.     Develop different scenarios

Right now, the future is filled with uncertainty. It is essential to prepare diverse methods focused on other outcomes that may affect your organization’s sustainability. Many nonprofits do not spend time on strategy because of their day to day operations, this has to change. When you do, it becomes easier to plan for the worst-case scenarios and be better equipped to adapt.

‘Do not ignore your current allies as you identify new partners’.

5.     Communication, Marketing, and Publicity

There’s no better time to ramp up communication, marketing, and publicity. Many nonprofits struggle with communicating with donors, partners, and volunteers. They struggle to tell their impact stories and effectively engage their partners. It is essential for organizational growth, visibility, and impact.Use your social media platforms, online campaigns, email marketing, etc. to the fullest. Through consistent communication and content promotion of your organization, you can remain top of mind. Also, do not ignore the traditional means of communicating; picking up the phone to call and engage existing partners is always an easier way to maintain an existing relationship than seeking to forge new ones.

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