Open Call: Build GLFx Chapters in Africa with Seed Funding

The Global Landscapes Forum (GLFx) initiative is opening a call to support new GLFx chapters that are leading action on the ground for the sustainability of Africa’s landscapes, with seed funding of EUR 5,000. NGOs, teams, and networks of organisations working on sustainable agrifood systems, restoration, or multi-stakeholder partnerships are particularly encouraged to apply.

GLFx is a decentralised network of independently-organised chapters that gather regularly to promote sustainable activities within their landscapes. It is designed to accelerate global action towards sustainable landscapes by equipping members with the knowledge, technology, and networks to connect, share, learn, and act through a holistic approach.


Development of novel artificial photosynthesis technologies, which allow for improved efficiency of light harvesting, conversion to electrochemical potential, and energy fixation to carriers with strictly implementing circularity by design and efficient use of carrier and (photo)catalyst materials through novel photoelectrochemical or bio-based (bio-hybrid) or biological pathways for solar fuel production with increased efficiency in comparison to light and dark reactions of natural photosynthesis.


  • The call is for groups of individuals (teams), networks, partnerships, initiatives, and organisations that:
    • Are based in Africa
    • Promote on-the-ground local actions and community meetings towards sustainable land use
    • Are well organised, with an administrative structure to receive and manage funds
    • Are diverse: gender balance is key in a team, and will be taken into account during the selection process

Grant size: $1000 to $10,000

Deadline: October 30th, 2022

Grant Sector:
  • Environment
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