Call for Applications to the African Civil Society Support Fund

Trust Africa is launching a new grant-making initiative aimed at actors in the Society.To this end, it invites suitably qualified organizations from Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria and Burkina Faso to apply for capacity building and basic operational support grants.

Under the concept of “ African Civil Society Support Initiative ”, the operation aims to provide core operational support to organizations that demonstrate a good track record of achievement, particularly in policy advocacy and advocacy. voice of women on health and development issues in Africa.

Eligibility criteria – who can apply?

If you are a national or regional CSO in the target countries and regions: Kenya (East Africa), Ethiopia (East Africa), Nigeria or Burkina Faso (West Africa), if you have women in leadership positions, if you engage in national or regional policy advocacy, if you seek gender justice, financial inclusion and/or equitable health service delivery, then apply.

CSOs leading collaborative networks that work and/or campaign together are eligible to apply, clearly indicating the primary recipient of funding.

Nationally registered civil society organization that has not obtained direct grants from the BMGF with a track record of effective programs in the following areas:

Equitable access to health and development,

Gender Equity

Financial inclusion

Demonstrate how this funding will address key operational gaps that will allow the organization to have more impact on programmatic themes

Be able to receive and manage funds as a legally registered organization or through a legally registered fiscal sponsor.

It is specified here that, when an applicant does not meet the essential criteria for managing grant funds, a fiscal sponsor may be proposed on behalf of the said applicant).

Have a system, policies and procedures for controlling and tracking income and expenses

Be solely responsible for the preparation and management of the organizational capacity support project

Read the full proposal.

Grant size: USD 100,000

Deadline: 18 March 2022

Grant Sector:
  • Development







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