Request for Proposals: Giving for Change – Pamoja4Change Grant Proposals

The KCDFs grant matching projects aim to unlock the collective power of local communities, represented by Civil Society Actors, to entrench community-led development through community philanthropy.

Grant recipients are required to raise in Kenya only (any possible Kenya-based sources) for 50% of the total project cost. The local fundraising component seeks to promote local philanthropy for self-reliance and long-term sustainability among Kenyan communities. At the same time, it aims to strengthen communities’ capacity and confidence in taking charge of their development agenda.

The proposed ideas allow local partners to propose their own local development projects and fundraise for fifty percent (50%) of their local project budget.

The focus will be directed at local community projects demonstrating financial and resource participation by the local community and the potential for long-term impact on the target groups – sustainable development.


Only County Based organisations/ Civil Society Actors based in any of the 47 counties are eligible. In addition, an applicant should meet any of the two qualifications below:

  1. County Based Organisations that are currently involved or would like to be involved in local/ domestic resource mobilisation also referred to as Local Fundraising (LFR). The eligible organizations must be keen to enhance their capacity to fundraise more from within Kenya. The organisations if interested are free to follow online training delivered by KCDF ON local resource mobilization. Follow this link to follow any of the training available for free:
  2. County Based Organisations that are currently being trained or have previously been trained by KCDF in the following areas:1). Local Fundraising (LFR) 2). Advocacy and Policy Influencing also referred to as Mobilising Support (MS).

In addition to the above, successful applicants should: 

  • Be legally and locally registered with relevant authorities and demonstrate good governance and accountable leadership.
  • Demonstrate a good understanding of the local context and need.
  • Demonstrate that the proposed idea is in line with government policy.
  • Show that local people have been consulted and will be involved in the work.
  • Have a balanced approach, addressing not only immediate needs but also ‘people’s rights to services.
  • Demonstrate they are not working in isolation but are collaborating with other organisations and engaging with relevant government departments.
  • Help build local people and organisations’ skills, confidence, and capacity.
  • Offer some useful lessons for future interventions and show how the applicant will gather information and learn from it.

Grant size: Kes. 500,000 to Kes. 2,500,000

Deadline: 5th December 2022

Grant Sector:
  • Development
  • Leadership







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