2023 Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity Program

The Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity program is designed to bring together the many diverse industries and professions that influence health and well-being including, but not limited to: art, law, business, academia, government, journalism, social enterprise, research, media, housing, and health care delivery.

Fellows will be selected based on demonstrated commitment in the area of health equity and leadership potential. The program will build and support a group of global, multidisciplinary leaders equipped with the technical knowledge, skills, and network to advance health equity in their organizations and communities. The program will select 10 fellows based in the U.S. and 10 fellows from outside the U.S. per year. Read more.

Selection Criteria

Who should apply? Individuals who:

  • Want to become global leaders in the elimination of health disparities
  • Are early to mid-career
  • Are currently engaged in health-related work
  • Are currently in leadership or a position that has potential for leadership
  • Value diverse perspectives
  • Enjoy working in groups

Deadline: 1 May, 2022

Grant Sector:
  • Development
  • Health
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