2021 CIVICUS Nelson Mandela-Graca Machel Innovation Awards

The 2021 Innovation Awards will recognise seven individuals, groups or organisations that stand out for their innovative work building people power in support of human rights and social justice for everyone.

Submissions are invited under the following topics explored during the 2020 ICSW/virtual events:

To share this celebration of people power more widely, the shortlisted applicants will be featured for public endorsement on the People Power Innovation Zone in October. The seven 2021 Innovation Awards winners will be announced in November.

The 2021 Innovation Awards will help to make the case for the importance of people power and civil society activism in creating a more just, inclusive and sustainable world.  The Awards will provide an important platform for learning, sharing and building solidarity, and inspire activists, donors and other enablers who are looking for innovative approaches and solutions to supporting people power.

Prize: USD 5,000

Deadline: September 20, 2021

Grant Sector:
  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human Rights & Democracy
  • Environment
  • Development
  • Women & Gender
  • Research
  • Startups
  • Youth & Children
  • Leadership
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