YES LIBERIA; Educating Young People to Create a Better Future

Youth Empowerment Services of Liberia, Inc. (YESLiberia) was founded in 2009 by. Z.J. Jallah after the Liberian war left many high school children out of school. With the “Yes Liberia’s Tuition Assistance Program”, the organization has been able to help thousands with education, leadership skills, character building, and service learning opportunities.

YesLiberia is a 100% volunteer-run organization that has worked with more than 25 schools, impacting the lives of thousands of students with academic supplies, leadership training, and tuition assistance.  Also, they engage and encourage youths at home and abroad in service-based education that will create a better future for everyone.

The organization is one of the pedigrees that believes in transparent communication and takes full responsibility for its actions and decisions, as they always start projects with measurable goals and report on them with integrity.

Consider paying for education not because it is of high quality, but because it is the only way to obtain one. Many Africans live in a country where the employment rate is less than 10%. Consider the challenge of these circumstances in a country that has just emerged from 14 years of civil war. These are the conditions of countries such as Liberia.

One notable project YesLiberia has embarked on is the School Bus Program. Getting to school in Liberia can be risky, as traffic accidents are the top cause of mortality for children aged 10 to 19 in Africa. School buses are not provided in Liberia, as they are in many other parts of the world, and children must walk to school. 

Several children registered in the YesLiberia Tuition Aid program will benefit from free transportation on the school bus (including any non-YesLiberia students along the routes). During the day, the bus will be used at a discounted rate by other NGOs to pay for the upkeep and labor of female bus drivers. So far, the charity has raised $48,128 out of a total goal of $57 425.

Here are other projects undertaken by YesLiberia.


This project focuses on providing children with the opportunity to get an education.


The objective of YesLiberia is to provide accessible computer labs where students may spend free time learning programming, automation, and basic computer skills.

YesLiberia, through service-learning opportunities, focuses on enhancing the lives of disadvantaged children and adults, while promoting intercultural understanding to foster global citizenship and improve communities in Liberia and abroad.

YesLiberia has been aiding Liberian students for over a decade, paying for the education of over 7,000 students. YesLiberia has a vast reach and noble goals of empowering Liberian students to not only engage in their education but also to teach them service leadership and give back to their communities, with partners such as the YMCA Liberia, GivingTuesday, and volunteers from 18 countries.

To learn more about the organization and be a part of the amazing work they are doing visit Here

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