Fundraising Tips in Your Hand: Change the Game Academy Introduces New App

Get ready to access resources on fundraising anytime, anywhere, at your convenience, and without internet access.

Change the Game Academy now offers an innovative way to access fundraising resources and tips at your fingertips: a free mobile app. The new application will support changemakers all around the world with instant and accessible information about local fundraising. “This application brings the best content to your hands: toolkits, video lessons, examples, tips, checklists, organisational self- assessments… and much more! We also included user friendly templates, providing a unique learning experience.”, says Yvonne Bles, Programme Officer at Change the Game Academy.

The makers of the highly appreciated training modules of the Change the Game Academy, available in six languages and used by online learners in 61 countries, now come up with this cutting-edge tool. Purpose of the tool is to make life easier for changemakers who want to power up their work and accelerate their independence from traditional funding sources. “This app is a logical addition to what we already have to offer. It gives you a condensed overview of materials that are covered in the regular training modules. and can be used to refresh your memory”, Yvonne explains.

One of the highlights is that the app can be used both online and offline, which makes life easier for grassroots organisations that experience limited internet access. “It offers the possibility to pre-download desired information , and use it later on when they’re in a more remote location. The app will be used by changemakers from around the world. “Therefore, we co-created the entire app creation process together with potential users from Kenya and India. In this way the app connects to needs, both in use and in knowledge and tools.”, Yvonne details.

The free app will be available in English first. In the next years, we hope other language versions will be created. “Now that the app is launched in English we want to see how it is received and what kind of feedback we get. We will constantly add new content which we hope will boost people’s fundraising even more!” Yvonne indicates.

Don’t miss the opportunity and download it now at Google Play Store (Android) and at Apple Store (IOS)!


About Change the Game Academy

Change the Game Academy aims to change the ‘rules’ of the development game: transferring power to communities and enabling them to shape their own future. Our aim is to end the dependence on foreign funding to do their work by supporting autonomous local organisations to strengthen their fundraising capacity. We offer e-learning, in-person classroom courses, and individual coaching. Change the Game Academy was initiated by Wilde Ganzen Foundation and co-created together with CESE (Brazil), the Kenya Community Development Foundation (Kenya) and Smile Foundation (India).

Today we have partners in twelve countries that implement the program and strengthen the capacities of social changemakers to effectively raise funds and mobilise other forms of domestic support.The online course on Mobilising Support has been co-funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the ‘Civic Engagement Alliance‘.

Press Contact:

Louise Pita Marketing & Communication Officer

+ 55 75 998462240 (WhatsApp / Phone number)

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