Reimagining Local Giving with the New Philanthropy Forum Uganda

The Philanthropy Forum Uganda brings together institutions and individuals engaged in philanthropy in Uganda to interact, share information and engage in efforts that promote philanthropy. The Forum further seeks to increase the recognition and contribution of the philanthropy sector to the national development agenda. The Forum’s vision is ‘Re-imagining local giving. Enabling dignity’.



Founded in 2015 with approximately 50 organizations, the Forum aims to enhance cooperation and coordination among philanthropy actors in Uganda and other stakeholders in the private and public sphere – and explore opportunities for greater impact of the sector in national development.


On 8th April 2021, The Forum was relaunched with the intent to reinvigorate the movement of local givers to reach further and embrace the full make-up of the Ugandan giver.

The re-launch, under the theme building a movement of local givers for sustainable development aimed to bring together individual and institutional givers from various sectors,regions, and backgrounds to interact, share information and engage in efforts that promote philanthropy.The youngest guests at the event where two teenagers who have been giving to causes close to their hearts, a demonstration that everybody’s giving counts, and no one is excluded from making a contribution to the development of the nation.

Value Add for joining the Forum

1 Members have a unique opportunity to contribute to a vision beyond themselves – where giving by Africans is respected and recognized, where it is dignified, where it grows and in so doing, helps advance our collective African community.

2 Advocacy for a conducive operating environment: legal and policy, organization privacy.

3 Expands organizations’ capacity to mobilise their resources: people, natural resources, money, skills, infrastructure, networks etc.

4- Access to information: publications, impact stories, data, and research.

5 New contacts and opportunities for Ocollaboration within sub-sectors and the larger philanthropy sector.

6 Capacity building and skills development: reporting, fundraising, communication, and storytelling.

7 Enhance philanthropy’s contribution to local and national development through data management, sharing and application.

Focus Areas

•Sharing and Learning: Regular updates on members activities; Round table for members; seminars & dialogue series; policy roundtable discussions.

• Campaigns: To encourage generosity; for fundraising and advocacy; to encourage corporate social responsibility.

• Capacity Building: Workshops on policy formulation; advertising, website development; training in fnancial literacy; Space for knowledge sharing; feld visits for peer leaning.

• Research and Mapping: Identify key actors and stakeholders; identify credible CSOs and NGOs; Annual research&publication on philanthropy in Uganda.

• Convenings: Annual gathering; Quarterly review meetings ; Discussions with guest speakers.

• Annual Awards Scheme.

• Collective Giving e.g. to victims of natural disasters; babies’ homes, support talent development, etc.

How organisations can be a part of it?

Anybody can join the Forum, even you. Fill out this form to help Philanthropy Forum Uganda get to know you and the causes you give to.

Connect with Philanthropy Forum Uganda on their Facebook page – Philanthropy Forum Uganda, and their Twitter handle @philanthropy_ug.

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